We love to hear your Ella Bulloch Stories

Over the years we have been so touched by the lovely things customers have said about their Ella Bulloch experience but few stories have brought a lump to our throats more than this one.

A few years ago a lady came in looking for a hat to wear at her daughter’s wedding and from her bag she pulled a mug, pictured here, with “Mother-of-the-Bride Jacqueline & Gerry, 22.01.16” on one side and “I’ve finally been to Ella Bulloch” on the other.

The story was that when Jaqueline was born she was very gravely ill. The lady made a vow that if the baby made it through and grew up to be married she would come to Ella Bulloch to buy a special Mother-of-the-Bride hat for the wedding. As you may guess, there was not a dry eye in the shop when we heard such a wonderful story, though the lady made us laugh when she said that she hadn’t expected to have to wait so long to buy THAT hat as Jacqueline was well into her 30s before she decided to tie the knot.

As for that mug? Having heard that story over many years her family had had it made for her for fun. We were of course delighted to help the lady choose a wonderful hat for such a special – and long-awaited – wedding.

If you have a story you would like to share with us we would love to hear it, and with your permission, may even share it here in our Blog